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Louis Vuitton always has something up its sleeves and the mischievous in us couldn’t help but spill the beans. With their timeless elegant bags in various prints and materials, Louis Vuitton has come a long way in the fashion world. Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce and feature the Damier Azur Tahitiennes Print.

Now let’s get down to business and talk about the Damier print first. Damier is a French word for checkerboard so no wonder we’re seeing these patterns in a Damier Bag. Launched in 2006, the iconic Damier Azur on the other hand features a light color and whisks us away to the famous shores of the French Riviera.

Fast-forward to 2017, we’re seeing the Damier Azur in Tahitiennes Print for Louis Vuitton’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection. The print is well, overwhelmingly fresh and feminine. Honestly speaking, it’s a breath of fresh air, ideal for that perfect summer feels.

Let’s go take a closer look. The Damier Azur Tahitiennes Print still features the same light-colored checkered print but with a feminine light-pink twist! It has the oversized LV print together with the Rose Ballerine Monogram flowers, which work wonders in fulfilling our bag dreams! Now isn’t that a gorgeous print worth the investment?

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Tahitiennes Speedy Bag
Size: 11.8′ x 8.3′ 6.7′ inches
Prices: $1700 USD, €1215 euro, £1130 GBP, $14000 HKD, $2160 AUD, ¥200880 JPY, ¥13100 CNY

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Tahitiennes Neverfull Bag
Size: 12.6′ x 11.42′ x 6.3′ inches
Prices: $1570 USD, €1180 euro, £1100 GBP, $13000 HKD, $2100 AUD, ¥185760 JPY, ¥12100 CNY





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A brand new Louis Vuitton bag is making the fashion industry go wild with its gorgeous and chic design. You might be wondering which one we are talking about, so without further ado, here is the Louis Vuitton Hyde Park Bag in all its glory.

A perfect fusion of timeless design and sporty style, this modern carryall features the Damier Ebene canvas with Cuir Taurillon trim. With its roomy size that can fit all your essentials and non-essentials, the Hyde Park Bag is ideal enough to bring anywhere and anytime.

The color is what should excite you – the Brown Damier Eben Canvas might not be too exciting, so the French Fashion House decided to paint some heart-beating red next to the iconic LV lock, on the luggage tag and the strap.

Now let’s talk more about its features. The Damier Ebene coated canvas is perfectly complemented by gold-tone metal hardware. It also showcases a D-Ring, keybell & padlock for that added touch of Louis Vuitton panache. Aside from its eye candy features, this bag is also about multi-functionality as it has a removable shoulder strap for shoulder and cross-body carrying and 2 flat handles for hand or shoulder carrying.

Looking inside, it has several compartments to hold your things such as an inside flat pocket and a double smartphone pocket. It also has a double zip closure for added security.

Measuring 12.2” x 9.4” x 5.5” (L x H x W) inches and is priced $2110 USD, €1560 euro, £1450 GBP, $16700 HKD, $2770 AUD, ¥248400 JPY, ¥15500 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.



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The City Steamer is taking the bag industry by storm! As if it couldn’t get any better, the Louis Vuitton City Steamer Clutch with Strap is the newest addition to the family. Ladies, this one is a smaller version of our well-loved City Steamer Tote Bag.

With the perfect blend of House heritage and the new codes established by Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquiere, the City Steamer Clutch with its sleek lines and signature turn lock brings a modern day-to-evening charm to your overall ensembles.

Saying goodbye to its conventional single color, this newest City Steamer Clutch with Strap offers a tricolor combination adding a bold and cheeky touch to any silhouette. With Veau satin leather exterior, which is luxurious to the touch, this one is definitely worth the investment!

The leather is well-matched by the silver coloured metallic pieces while the cowhide lining, calfskin trim, and the LV Circle hot stamped signature on the back body makes it fancier. It also has a zip closure and 8 CC slots inside, featuring a removable non-adjustable leather strap.

Measuring 8.7′ x 6.7′ x 2.8′ inches (L x H x W) and is priced $1920 USD, $15800 HKD, $2400 AUD, ¥224640 JPY via Louis Vuitton e-store and boutiques.

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Just like a dream come true, this Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Capucines BB Bag might be the perfect happily ever after for you. Stylish, fashionable, and sophisticated in all its aspects, this mini size of Capucines BB lends an exceptional pop of contrasting colors to your wardrobe styles from classic to bold and spunky.

If you’ll compare it with the previous Capucines Bag, this one stands out since it’s a much improved and luxurious version of it thanks to its exotic leather Python enveloping the handles, strap, as well as part of the LV signature clasp.

Now let’s get into the full-blown bag details. This Louis Vuitton limited edition bag is made from full-grain Taurillon leather mixed with python. The python truly adds another level of chic’ness to the overall look, the shine is notable on the details. More over, it has snap hook closure for easy access as well as 2 large compartments, 1 flat pocket, and 1 zipped pocket to keep your things in place.

Aside from these features, this beauty of a bag is all about functionality as well! It has a handle for arm or hand carry purposes, and a removable strap for shoulder or cross-body carry.

Measuring 10.6” x 8.3” x 3.9” (L x H x W) and is priced $5300 USD, €3600 euro, £3350 GBP, ¥599400 JPY, ¥40500 CNY via Louis Vuitton












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Louis Vuitton is well-known for its refined artistry and craftsmanship that’s why we couldn’t help but feel giddy and have butterflies in our stomachs whenever this French fashion house releases a new bag. We felt totally elated and overjoyed when we got a glimpse of its Croisette Bag.

What’s so special about this LV bag? Well, let’s talk more about it. The Croisette is described to be compact and body-friendly, which was already a plus points for us. Brimming with sophistication with its Damier Azur print (known to be one of LV’s most iconic prints), the Croisette is a flawless bag creation.

With versatility in mind, this luxurious bag can be worn cross body, over the shoulder or carried in the hand. The handles, shoulder straps and the additional tassel serves as a refinement to this bag of a gem. For those who are on a hunt to finding a small yet multifunctional bag, LV’s Croisette Bag might just be the perfect fit.

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A Special Gift From PurseValley.cn: Find Out How To Win A Replica Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag!

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I’m not sure if you remember but a few months ago I made a contest and I was very happy to see how many people got involved. It was too fun not to repeat the experience and I hope you are going to enjoy it too! I’m going to give you all the information about how to enter the contest and win a beautiful replica Louis Vuitton Capucines bag!
Replica Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag

Replica Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag

You probably know some of my favorite replica bags sites but when it comes to Louis Vuitton purses, there is only one website that I’m alwasy eager to check. And they thought of making us a big surprise. After months of research,PurseValley.cn finally has one of the best replica Louis Vuitton Capucines bag you can find on the market. They offered it to me as a gift but I want to change the course of the story. Here is what I thought of…

I created this blog a few years ago and I’m still amazed how big it has become. And I only have you to thank for! So, same as last time, it doesn’t seem fair to be the sole beneficiary of something that doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to all us girls, replica handbags lovers. And same as the previous site, PurseValley.cn offered me a Louis Vuitton Capucines handbag in exchange to my opinion and expertise. Here is the email they sent me:


We want to thank you for your objective reviews of our replica Louis Vuitton bags. We would like to send you a replica Louis Vuitton Capucines bag for a detailed review. Please let us know if there is anything wrong with it because we want to do our best to offer only high-quality products. Your help would be much appreciated!”

And since I already own this replica Louis Vuitton Capucines bag, I decided to let someone else enjoy this bag as much as I do. So here are more details about the contest:

How it works:

1. Send me your review of the best or most beloved replica Louis Vuitton bag in your collection via email. Please keep in mind that the reviews have to be of one of the sites I recommend.
2. Tell your family and friends that they can vote it here, on the blog.
3. The most voted review will win the contest!

What else you need to know:

1. If you send a review of a site we’ve never commented upon, or of a site we never heard of, it won’t get posted!
2. I will post only the first 3 reviews of replica Louis Vuitton bags I receive. So you need to hurry up and send me your review at evaknox@spotbags.cr as soon as possible!
3. The poll where you can vote your favorite review will be posted AFTER I will finish posting all 3 stories.

The Prize:

One of the best replica Louis Vuitton handbags, the Black Louis Vuitton Capucines.

Replica Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag Front View

Replica Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag Front View

I have just one request! The winner has to send me a review after she/he receives this amazing bag. Write as detailed as possible and take lots of photos of the bag so that everyone benefit from this experience, even if they are not the winners! That’s not too much to ask when the prize is this beauty, don’t you agree?

So girls, this is it! Take many photos of your Louis Vuitton replica purses, write a short review and then send it to me at evaknox@spotbags.cr!

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